About Us

Company Overview

My Health is a fast-growing company based in Dallas, Texas, with offices in Silicon Valley and Southern California. Our mission is to improve healthcare by developing technologies that enable timelier and more personalized care for the patient, potentiate provider workflow and streamline practice management. 

My Health has assembled a team of engineers, industry experts and healthcare professionals to realize the vision of Founder, Dr. Michael Eiffert. The Company is at the forefront of the merging of information technology with medical device technology. My Health seeks to develop technologies with the non-mutually exclusive goals of licensing, spinning them off into separate companies and partnering with senior companies on further development.

The Company's My Health America division is establishing itself as a leader in practice management for concierge and traditional medical practices. The Division manages sites in California with plans to expand quickly throughout the US, utilizing its competitive technological advantages.


Our Team




Michael E. Eiffert, MD

Founder, President and CEO

Michael is a pioneer in mHealth and has been since his days as a resident physician at the University of Rochester where he led a team using wireless devices to monitor asthmatics. Michael continues to lead initiatives to improve patient care and to further develop concepts and technologies essential to the future of healthcare. Licensed to practice in New York State and California, Michael is board-certified in Internal Medicine, is a director for three start-ups and lectures regularly on quality improvement in healthcare.