Unified Healthcare Communication

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DoctorCom® allows for secure file sharing, a fully integratied and more cost-effective answering service – improving your productivity and care coordination. We are also fully compatible with EMRs from different vendors - so offices with existing contracts can use their EMR vendor through the DoctorCom interface.


DoctorCom Flow

You Have Full Control

  • Individual Provider Accounts can be linked to Medical Practice Accounts
  • Individual Accounts are Portable, and can be taken to other practices
  • Providers can associate or disassociate their accounts with practices or hospitals at will


Group Practices Benefits

  • Secure file sharing beween EMR’s
  • Realized paperless environment
  • Improved productivity of support staff
  • Enhances coordination of care
  • Answering service integration
  • Extremely cost effective


Individual Provider Benefits

  • Controlled availability
  • Enhanced workflow
  • Privacy
  • Filter calls
  • Conceal your real phone number

Significant Cost Savings

Individual Provider Accounts are always FREE

Answering Service Packages starting at $49.95/month

  • Full archiving of all old messages
  • Communication is tracked for auditing
  • Call group scheduling is a snap
  • Keep your pager if you want, or use just your smartphone 

DoctorCom Supports Multiple Relationships

Promotes Safer Transitions of Care - By making sharing of information easier

Facilitates Collaboration with Colleagues - Easy click-to-call and messaging features

Helps Build Your Practice - Colleagues will know you’re open for business

Keeps Your Private Contact Information Private - A healthy buffer between your work and private life