Norsync Offers Streamlined Mobile Application Development and Synchronization with Free 30 Day Trial



Oslo, Norway — February 9, 2011Norsync, a leading provider of RDBMS and synchronization tools for mobile application developers in Norway, today announced its official company launch in the US. As part of this launch, Norsync is announcing a free trial of the newest version of its flagship product – the Norsync Suite – for developers who want to build, operate and synchronize data-driven mobile applications in a fraction of the time and cost. In fact, m-health provider DoctorCom, Inc. has already begun using the Norsync Suite as part of its Unified Healthcare Communication platform.
Overcoming Hurdles in Deploying Mobile Applications
One of the toughest hurdles in deploying a distributed mobile solution is database synchronization. In some cases, mobile developers find that programming successful two-way data synchronization between mobile clients and a server is too complex. In other cases, developers run into issues when they’re configuring the database management system to filter relevant data to the mobile database. In both cases, Norsync’s technology alleviates these synchronization and management issues at a reduced development time and cost, and eliminates IT involvement in maintaining the mobile database system going forward.
Free 30-Day Trial Offer
Norsync is offering mobile application developers the chance to download and try a free version of its Norsync Suite for 30 days. The Norsync Suite is a platform of tools and technologies that streamlines the development and operation of advanced mobile database solutions. The Norsync Suite allows developers to take a SQL-based database schema and put it through the Norsync Generator, which generates a complete Visual Studio Project with ready-to-deploy C# applications for all Windows or Windows Mobile devices (iPhone and Android coming Q2 2011). As a result, developers who are creating web or client-server applications can now just as easily develop advanced mobile applications with database synchronization. Companies with an ERP, CRM or similar system now have full field access, without adding costs or IT personnel.
“Enterprise mobile applications are becoming more essential to Fortune 500 CIOs’ strategic initiatives. However, deploying and managing the synchronization of these mobile applications can be very inefficient, error prone and costly," said Norsync CEO Knut Berg-Jacobsen. “Norsync solves these biggest pain points for developers by providing a total mobile enterprise solution that streamlines the development of mobile database applications, so they can launch applications more quickly. We invite you to try the Norsync Suite and see for yourself!”
DoctorCom Uses Norsync for Mobile Medical File Sharing
DoctorCom, Inc. is an m-health provider based in Palo Alto,CA, that has developed a Unified Healthcare Communication platform which connects all of the key healthcare stakeholders – patients, doctors,hospitals, group practices, and individual providers. They do this by bundling a variety of communication channels, including answering services, electronic medical records (EMR), telephony, dictation and file sharing into a single mobile application. DoctorCom is partnering with Norsync because EMR and file sharing functionality require large volumes of data (MRI, X-ray, patient records) and the company wanted to ensure their mobile application could handle the transfer of this data easily and seamlessly.
“Norsync’s suite couples best in class synchronization with an extremely fast and small database on the mobile device,” said DoctorCom CEO Michael Eiffert. “This provides for fast, easy, and secure access to patient information.”
About Norsync
Founded in 2002 in Norway, Norsync recognized an early market need for a full functionality, professional database platform for distributed mobile solutions. The company has been granted two patents for its mobile application synchronization technology, with a third patent filed and in the approval stages. To date, more than 2,000 users have deployed Norsync’s solutions including global companies such as Orange Business Services and Consafe Logistics. For more information about Norsync, please visit or call 1-415-800-3706